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australian south sea pearl strand draped over white vase.

Why Are Australian South Sea Pearls So Expensive?

Extraordinarily rare, naturally beautiful, unmatched in size.

 Australian South Sea pearls are grown inside the largest and rarest pearl-producing oyster, the Pinctada Maxima. They are highly sought after as the pearls produced are amongst the world’s largest and most valuable.

 Australian South Sea Pearls have been certified as the World's most ethical and environmentally sustainable choice. The pearls have received The Marine Stewardship Councils (MSC) world first sustainability certification, a gold standard benchmark.

The process and timing

The Australian South Sea pearl exists in the perfect marine environment. This, in combination with the most modern pearling techniques and practices, produces the finest quality of Australian pearl.

As a result of their natural environment and climate, each pearl takes 2-3 years to discover its final size, quality, shape and lustre. The intricate operation involves the oyster coating a spherical nucleus with a substance known as ‘nacre’. This results in pearls of the best quality due to its natural lustre. 

 The Pinctada Maxima oyster can produce pearls in silvery white, cream white or very occasionally gold, with subtle hues of pink, blue or green.

Where they are farmed

Claude & Me’s Australian South Sea Pearls are farmed within a 639 square kilometre “pearling estate” of Elizabeth Bay’s pristine Aboriginal lands, based in North-East Arnhem Land. This environment offers the upmost perfect conditions for the Australian South Sea Pearl to flourish.

Keshi Pearls - what are they?

Also featured in Claude & Me’s pearl collection are the Keshi Pearl. Keshi pearls are a natural bi-product of the Pinctada South Sea Pearl species. These pearls grow at random, in unusual and unique shapes. These pearls can vary in colour, often appearing either white, black, or gold, although the latter is rare. The Keshi pearl is fascinating due to each pearls unique appearance.


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