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A Clear Conscience: 3 Ways To Ensure An Ethical Diamond Buying Experience

What is a responsibly sourced diamond?

Named after the Greek word "adamas", which translates to 'unbreakable', it's no wonder the diamond is so highly sought after. Often fixed to an engagement ring, the diamond symbolises clarity and strength – perfect for an unbreakable love. The April birthstone is the hardest gemstone on Earth, and when naturally sourced is incredibly hard to come by. 

 The diamond is, no doubt, one of the most desired gemstones in the jewellery market. However, consumers now days are more conscientious and want to see responsible practices behind their purchases. Now more than ever, people are searching for jewellery that is sustainably and responsibly sourced. 

 So how might you go about purchasing a responsibly sourced diamond?


3 Considerations When Searching for Responsibly Sourced Diamonds 

1. Ethical Practice

 Just as you would want workers to be paid for making your clothing, it is important that working conditions are fair in all steps to retrieve your precious stone. Ethical diamonds are sourced from mines that are compliant with strict labour regulations. Ethical practice includes workers receiving fair wages, safe working conditions, and no child labour nor forced labour. Additionally, labour sales should not be funding violence of any kind.

2. Environmentally Friendly Origins 

 To protect local ecosystems, a diamond with good environmental origins will come from a mine site with strict environmental regulations. To maintain safe land and water, artisanal minors and site operators should be trained in environmentally sound practices. Sustainable diamond mines are also fully rehabilitated once mining has ended. After mining, the sites are often used for agricultural purpose, so that ecosystems can continue to thrive even after you have purchased your brightest, whitest gem. 

3. Certification 

 When looking to purchase a diamond, check with a diamond specialist that is it certified before you spend your big bucks. Certification will let you know quality indicators, and whether your diamond is lab-made or naturally sourced. Most importantly, certification adds transparency to the supply chain so you can track the ethical and environmental conditions that occurred in acquiring your brilliant piece. A responsibly sourced diamond will always be traced from the Earth to the jeweller to the admirer.

Claude & Me Jewellery prides itself on providing customers with precious metals and gems that are naturally and responsibly sourced.

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