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Article: From Ocean to Heirloom: The Journey of Australian South Sea Pearls

From Ocean to Heirloom: The Journey of Australian South Sea Pearls

Australian South Sea pearls are renowned for their extraordinary rarity and natural beauty, making them unmatched in size and value. These pearls are cultivated from the Pinctada Maxima, the largest and rarest pearl-producing oyster. Globally sought after, these pearls rank among the world’s most substantial and prized.

Recognised as the most ethical and environmentally sustainable choice in the industry, Australian South Sea Pearls have earned the prestigious Marine Stewardship Council's (MSC) sustainability certification, setting a gold standard.

pinctada maxima in jewellery showcase.

Pinctada maxima inside jewellery showcase.


Pearls have captivated civilizations for millennia, symbolising purity, elegance, and wealth throughout human history. Ancient Romans esteemed pearls as the ultimate status symbol, worn only by the elite. The allure of pearls spans across cultures, with Chinese royalty receiving pearls as gifts over 4,000 years ago, believing in their mystical power to provide protection and prosperity.

Today, Australian South Sea pearls continue this rich tradition, embodying not just beauty but also a heritage of prestige and luxury. These pearls, with their unparalleled luster and size, are not merely ornaments but investments—cherished as heirloom pieces to be passed down through generations. Their timeless appeal and the meticulous process of cultivation make each pearl a testament to nature's splendour and human craftsmanship, establishing them as emblematic of both personal milestones and enduring legacies.

Cultivation and Partnership

Thriving in an ideal marine environment, Australian South Sea pearls benefit from state-of-the-art pearling techniques and meticulous practices, yielding pearls of unparalleled quality. Our close collaboration with pearl farmers in Australia ensures that we provide our customers with the best pearls available. We work with these experts who nurture each pearl for 2-3 years, allowing them to achieve their full size, quality, shape, and lustre in a natural setting conducive to producing a rich, natural lustre.

The Pinctada Maxima oyster typically produces pearls in shades of silvery white, cream, and occasionally gold, often enhanced with subtle pink, blue, or green hues.

large strands of australian south sea pearls being examined by jeweller and farmer

Large strands of Pink/White Australian South Sea Pearls.

Farming Location

The pearls are farmed over a 639 square kilometre estate in Elizabeth Bay, located in North-East Arnhem Land on pristine Aboriginal lands. These conditions are ideal for nurturing the South Sea Pearl.

Keshi Pearls

Included in Claude & Me's exclusive collection are Keshi Pearls, a natural by-product of the South Sea Pearl oyster. These pearls form randomly, creating unique and intriguing shapes and come in colors including white, black, and occasionally gold.

Explore Claude & Me’s exquisite selection of South Sea Pearls, where we bring the world's best directly to our customers through our partnerships with dedicated Australian pearl farmers.

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