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The Art of Forever

Captivating Hearts with Timeless Glamour.

diamond necklaces and earrings featuring 18 karat white gold. As well as a designer emerald and diamond ring worn by kristena seedwell for claude and me jewellery

Our Jewellery Collections

Our jewellery has an artistic contemporary look that is unique to your own personal style. Our carefully curated collection includes high quality pieces made with care from genuine materials which are ethically sourced.

Diamond Engagement Rings Brisbane

Founded on the principal that, by investing in meaningful customer relationships, Claude and Me could give every customer the experience they deserve. Unrivalled customer service and an eye for quality. Begin your diamond journey with Claude and Me Jewellery. Explore our finest range of unique diamond engagement rings.

consultation chairs and table in the Claude and me jewellery boutique store Milton, Brisbane

Diamond and Coloured Rings

Shop our curated collection of the finest gemstones.

sapphire in between jewellers tweezers

Bespoke Jewellery Design

When designing your bespoke jewellery, you will have the opportunity to choose the layout and design of your piece, as well as the quality of gold finish and gemstones.

ring resizing appointment tools at claude and me jewellery milton

Ring Resizing

The Claude and Me family will gladly take a look at your ring to determine if it can be resized and the complexity of the job. No one job is the same, so visit the Claude and Me Jewellery team at their Brisbane boutique for a resizing consultation, quote and timeframe estimation. 

Contact ‘Claude and Me’ Sales Advisor

Claude and Me works hard to create an enchanting shopping encounter.


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