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South Sea Pearl Jewellery

Extraordinarily rare, naturally beautiful, unmatched in size.

Australian South Sea pearls are grown inside the largest and rarest pearl-producing oyster, the Pinctada Maxima. They are highly sought after as the pearls produced are amongst the world’s largest and most valuable.

As a result of their natural environment and climate, each pearl takes 2-3 years to discover its final size, quality, shape and lustre. The intricate operation involves the oyster coating a spherical nucleus with a substance known as ‘nacre’. This results in pearls of the best quality due to its natural lustre. 

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Sold outWhite/Pink Keshi Pearl NecklaceWhite/Pink Keshi Pearl Necklace
White Keshi Pearl NecklaceWhite Keshi Pearl Necklace
White Keshi Pearl Necklace Sale price$2,450.00
baroque white south sea pearl necklace
tahitian black pearl strand by claude and me jewellery
Tahitian Pearl Strand Sale price$20,300.00
Sold outAustralian south sea pearl studs with diamond.
Diamond South Sea Pearl Studs Sale price$14,850.00
Australian South Sea Pearl Studs
Australian south sea keshi pearl strand by claude and me jewellery.
Australian South Sea Multi Pearl Strand