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Claude & Me Jewellery is committed to providing a high standard of jewellery production by engaging with trusted jewellers and suppliers.

 Built on trust, we achieve our ethos by working with the best in the business. We work with master gem setters and trusted local jewellers. Part of the responsible jewellery council, we work with an Australian owned casting and gold supplier who has with over 60 years of industry experience. We work with internationally renowned suppliers and manufacturers, and Australian and international designers to create jewellery of topmost quality and style.



All Claude & Me pieces are of upmost quality to stand the test of time.

 Longevity is at the forefront of mind when handpicking each Claude & Me piece. Our jewellery is sourced from genuine materials through locally respected and trusted suppliers and diamond dealers. Claude & Me works only with precious metals, certified natural diamonds, specific natural gemstones, and carefully selected South Sea Pearls to ensure the quality of our pieces are of the highest standard. Each piece sold by Claude & Me must pass the test of everyday wear and comes with a lifetime of free cleaning, polishing, and resizing, to ensure that the integrity of your precious jewels is kept for life. We wish to create an heirloom legacy, where each Claude & Me piece sold carries its sentimental and inherent value as it is passed down through the generations.


Ethical Practice

Claude & Me Jewellery holds itself to a high ethical standard by providing customers with precious metals and gems that are naturally and responsibly sourced.

Claude & Me Jewellery only works with suppliers who are dedicated to ethical practices and sustainable manufacturing. We ensure that the sourcing and artisanship of each piece by Claude & Me is done in compliance with strict environmental and ethical regulations prior to reaching our hands. Traceability and transparency of our supply chain is core to our business, as it allows us to demonstrate both authenticity and the sustainable impacts of our jewellery. Any diamond sold by Claude and Me comes with certification, as part of our promise to providing responsibly sourced diamonds. As we grow our company and our social media, we will continue to partner with artisans and manufacturers who are committed to ethical business practices. Ultimately, we hope that we can make this planet a better place one Claude & Me piece at a time.


Customer Service

Claude & Me Jewellery prides itself on investing in meaningful customer relationships.

 The name Claude & Me is the name shared between Claude and his customers. Claude & Me Jewellery is all about taking care of you as a person. We are here to offer advice, support, and guidance throughout the entire customer journey. Claude & Me works hard to create an enchanting shopping encounter where a one-on-one specialist service with Claude will provide the personalised experience you deserve. Claude & Me jewellery is fully committed to building long lasting relationships with all our customers.



Supporting Brisbane locals is cornerstone to the Claude & Me business.

 Proudly family owned, second generation family jeweller, Claude & Me Jewellery is a small, growing business with huge community ambitions. Claude and his family are proud to support local Brisbane businesses, and particularly enjoy dining at the extraordinary restaurants on bustling Park Road, where the Claude & Me boutique store is situated. We have built strong relationships with local suppliers, and we are proud to support their business and operations. As the Claude & Me business grows, Claude has strong aspirations for supporting local charity. Giving back is central to the Claude & Me “why”. If there is a charity you think we should partner with, let us know.

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