Zoom 5.71ct 'Duchess' Amethyst Ring
Zoom 5.71ct 'Duchess' Amethyst Ring

5.71ct 'Duchess' Amethyst Ring


The 5.71ct 'Duchess' Amethyst Ring is dedicated to the highest rank of elegancy and femininity during the 18 centuries.

The design "inspired by a stunning royal crown."

The oval Amethysts set as a shield on the side of the ring give an amazing light to the centre stone. The diamonds are” vibrant “ and entirely crafted from luxurious 18 karat rose gold.

Wearing this divine piece of art will make you feel “Royal”

Frequent cleaning is recommended to maintain your jewellery. we recommend gently wiping your jewellery of excess skin oils or makeup after wearing. store your pieces individually and away from direct sunlight.Complimentary jewellery cleaning & polishing available in store with every Claude & Me piece.

5.71ct 'Duchess' Amethyst Ring


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