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argyle pink and white diamond pendant from argyle lot 459292
argyle pink and white diamond pendant from argyle lot 459292  on a creative blue background

Argyle Pink Diamond Twist Circle Pendant


Introducing the epitome of elegance and sophistication - our exquisite Twisted Circle Pendant, adorned with a breathtaking arrangement of diamonds. This stunning piece is a true masterpiece, featuring a magnificent 0.038ct Argyle Pink Diamond, flawlessly set in 18k Rose Gold, sourced from the renowned Argyle Lot 459292.

At the heart of this luxurious pendant, the Argyle Pink Diamond takes center stage, capturing the essence of rare beauty and unparalleled opulence. Its vivid pink hue radiates a sense of timeless grace and unparalleled luxury. This exceptional gem is a testament to the natural wonders of the Earth.

The elegance of the pendant is further elevated by a mesmerising collection of graduating White Diamonds that dance along the twisted circle. These dazzling gems sparkle and shimmer with every movement, creating an enchanting display of light.

Suspended from an 18k White Gold chain, this masterpiece of jewellery is the epitome of grace and sophistication. The contrast between the ethereal pink diamond and the pristine white gold chain highlights the purity and harmony of this design, creating a sense of balance and poise that is simply unmatched.

Care Guide

Frequent cleaning is recommended to maintain your jewellery. we recommend gently wiping your jewellery of excess skin oils or makeup after wearing. store your pieces individually and away from direct sunlight.

Complimentary jewellery cleaning & polishing available in store with every Claude & Me piece.

Production & Responsibility

Claude & Me Jewellery is committed to providing a high standard of jewellery production by engaging with trusted jewellers and suppliers.

Learn more about our production responsibility and company values.

Sustainability Ethos

Claude & Me Jewellery holds itself to a high ethical standard by providing customers with precious metals and gems that are naturally and responsibly sourced. Our commitment to sustainability focuses on responsible manufacturing, responsible consumption, and responsible leadership.  As we grow our company and community, we will continue to partner with artisans and manufacturers who are committed to ethical business practices. Ultimately, we hope that we can make this planet a better place one Claude & Me piece at a time.

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