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Classique Chloé Round Engagement Ring

Discover the epitome of timeless beauty with our Classique Chloé Round Engagement Ring, meticulously crafted to symbolise your everlasting love. Designed to dazzle with its brilliant sparkle and sophisticated silhouette.

Key Features:

- Diamonds Down the Band in a Shared Setting: This feature elevates the ring with additional sparkle, as small diamonds are expertly placed along the band in a shared prong setting. This technique not only maximizes the visibility of each diamond but also allows more light to pass through, enhancing their brilliance and fire. The shared setting creates a seamless flow of shimmer around the band.
- Luxurious and Durable Band: Crafted from precious 18k gold, the band promises both luxury and durability for daily wear. Its high polish finish enhances the overall elegance of the ring, making it a perfect choice for a lifetime of love and commitment.
- Eagle Prong Setting: The unique eagle prong setting not only secures the precious oval diamond firmly in place but also allows maximum light to enter, enhancing the stone's natural brilliance and fire. This setting creates a breathtaking and elegant display, making the diamond appear larger and more vibrant.
- Half Round Profile Band: The classic half round profile of the band offers a comfortable fit while adding a touch of traditional elegance. Its smooth, rounded edges ensure the ring feels as good as it looks.
- Wedding Band Compatibility: Designed to comfortably fit a wedding band flush against the engagement ring, this feature ensures a seamless look when both rings are worn together. The practical design eliminates gaps between the bands, maintaining a clean and aligned appearance.

Perfect For: This ring is an ideal choice for those who cherish classic elegance and seek a ring that combines traditional charm with modern design elements.

Let the Classique Chloé be your symbol of a lifetime together, as enduring and unforgettable as your own love story.

Pictured is a 1.30ct Oval Diamond

Classique Chloé Round Engagement Ring
Classique Chloé Round Engagement Ring Sale price$7,500.00