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Classique Marquise Solitaire

Presenting the Classique Marquise Solitaire Engagement Ring, an embodiment of refined elegance and unique sophistication. This ring stars a striking marquise diamond, known for its elongated shape and pointed ends.

Key Features:
- Luxurious and Durable Band: The band, forged from high-quality gold, ensures both longevity and luxury. Its sleek, polished surface underscores the ring's refined aesthetic.

- Six Claw Eagle Prong Setting: The diamond is exquisitely held in place by a six claw eagle prong setting, which not only provides robust security but also enhances the stone’s visibility. This setting allows light to cascade through the diamond, amplifying its natural brilliance and emphasizing its unique marquise cut.
- Subtle Knife Edge Tapered Band: The band tapers towards the stone with a delicate knife edge, adding a touch of sophistication and modern elegance. This design feature helps to draw the eye to the diamond, making it the standout centerpiece of the ring.
- Wedding Band Compatibility: Designed with precision, the ring accommodates a wedding band to sit flush alongside it, ensuring a smooth and integrated fit. This thoughtful design prevents any gap between the engagement ring and wedding band, promoting a unified and elegant look.

Perfect For: The Classique Marquise Solitaire Engagement Ring is ideal for those who appreciate the blend of traditional and unique elements in their jewellery. It’s an excellent choice for someone looking to make a statement with a ring that is as distinctive and timeless as their love story.

Let the Classique Marquise Solitaire Engagement Ring be a symbol of your unique journey together.

Classique Marquise Solitaire
Classique Marquise Solitaire Sale price$6,500.00